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Design and finite element analysis using Solidworks Premium software:
- Piping
- Structural
- Machine Parts
- Tanks
- exchangers
- Reactors

We realize

  • Erection on site of systems and units
  • Erection on site of complete industrial systems
  • Extraordinary maintenance of plants
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Piping for process and utilities
  • Systems for air conditioning and ventilation
  • Stations for steam, hot water and superheated water production
  • Stations at diathermic oil
  • Refrigerator stations
  • Air compressed and methane stations
  • Antifire piping and sprinkler systems
  • Water cooling systems
  • Demineralised water production systems
  • Systems for water treatment
  • Steel structural works
  • Petrochemical systems
  • Fine chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical systems
  • Alimentary systems
  • Detergents
  • Water and waste treatment

Extraordinary maintenance and/or overhaul of industrial plants.
All works are carried out according to customer needs.

Management of quality in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 , ISO 3834 , OHSAS 18001

Tecnolchi s.r.l. consider important as well as being supplier of materials and services, or partner of the customer, collaborating on:

  • Scheduling of the project
  • Modality of prefabrication / assembly c/o its own workshop (materials included or supplied by the customer) to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Modality of execution of the work on site, to reduce the effects on the productive activity
  • Collaboration also with local reliable firms of the customer, for special works
  • Supply of the “mechanical catalogue” relevant to materials supplied, supply of the “operating manual”, supply of the list of recommended spare parts and of instructions for maintenance.
  • Training for the customers’ staff
  • Technical assistance for testing and startup of the plant
  • Availability to meet our customers’ requirements

Why choose us


We would like to agree with our clients true timing, which will be strictly adhered to


Our processes and manufacture are strictly comply with all safety measures required by law


The years of experience in different sectors enable us to carry out any work and installation


The search for perfection and high professionalism have allowed us to obtain numerous certifications

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